Friday, 6 April 2012

Three Bears WIP

Although pretty much all the ones i've uploaded today are work in progress, thought i'd stress even more for this one, i've actually added quite a lot since even this picture so might add new ones in due time.
90x70cms biggest i've done for ages.

Mythological Abstract

One of my favourite paintings i've done in a while, not finished yet still need to add a few bits in, but it will be looking mostly unchanged, started all these abstract ones i've uploaded.

Figurative abstract

 photo isn't great on this one, not sure if its finished yet either, can still see that fabric design underneath which i quite like but dno what to add so its in stasis.

'White' paintings

Small Abstracts

 this first one is a sketch of 3 bears, more of that to come

just some small pieces (on awful canvas) that i've whacked out